LDN Graffiti.

Banksy's work in London

Many are now gone, some barely visible, here's some of Banksy's that I know of that still stand, just about...

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  • Green pins with dot - Still there
  • Green pins, no dot - Fading fast
  • Red pins - Gone!

There's more 'live' London locations, plus exclusive articles and insight about the infamous street artist Banksy, in the Banksy London Tour (v1.6) iPhone App, produced by LDNGraffiti, and developed by GravityWell UK.

The 'Banksy London Tour'

This is the only App which documents the genuine remaining artwork in London created by the world's most famous graffiti street artist, Banksy...

Banksy London Tour iPhone App.
'London Graffiti and Street Art by LDNGraffiti. 'London Graffiti and Street Art by LDNGraffiti.