London photographers Delete, Leeone102, Buddz909, NoLionsInEngland, HowAboutNo and Joeppo are hardcore devotees of the capital's street art and graffiti scene. Buddies for a long time, for the first time they come together to show some of the finest photographs of London's internationally famous graffiti and street art. Covering all points of the compass and everything from Rooftops, tracksides, illegals and legals, all 6 photographers believe that the artistic talents and technical skills of London's outdoor clandestine artists are truly worthy subjects for art themselves. This collection of photographs is deliberately curated to contextualise Londonís graffiti as part of the colour, beauty and character of our City rather than a blot on the landscape.

The show takes place at the ICA and launches 23 February and runs through to the following Sunday, so, like a lot of the best graffiti, blink and you'll miss it.

Prints from the show will be on sale as will a small-run zine which will be almost entirely based on graffiti and street art photography that isn't on show at the ICA.

London Walls
Delete, Leeone102, Buddz909, NoLionsInEngland, HowAboutNo and Joeppo

Launch 23 Feb 2011, open 23 Feb 2011 to Sunday 27 Feb 2011

Opening hours:

12 noon - 11pm

Thursday - Saturday
12 noon - 1am

12 noon - 9pm

The ICA, Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5AH.
5 minutes walk from Charing Cross tube; National Portrait Gallery; Whitehall etc.

Neil Delete,

Supported by VNA