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Graffiti Sessions

DATE: 03-04-05/12/2014.
LOCATION: Multiple Venues.


Hosted by UCL Urban Lab, the Graffiti Dialogues Network at Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts London) and Southbank Centre, the Graffiti Sessions will gather a wide group of experts to debate issues surrounding graffiti. We aim to identify new horizons for future city strategies on graffiti and opportunities and challenges for evolving creative practice, towards places that are both safe and sociable.

The event comprises a three-day series of talks, workshops and panel debates exploring the evolving roles of graffiti and street art in the urban environment.

The ambition is to challenge deep-rooted preconceptions and speculation that have until now limited the progress of both policy and practice related to street art and graffiti. Bringing together key institutions and individuals, the project will establish an open and sustainable discussion forum for the exchange of a broad scope of viewpoints and positions on street art and graffiti, and for the evaluation of their impacts on the quality of life for urban communities.


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