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Stealing Banksy?

DATE: Exhibition: 24/04/2014 to 27/04/2014 - Auction: 27/04/2014.
LOCATION: ME London, 336-337 The Strand, London WC2R 1HA.

STEALING BANKSY? is the 2014 project exploring the social, legal and moral issues surrounding the sale of street art. Taking place from April 24th to 27th in the heart of London, the exhibition showcases the most expensive collection of Banksy artworks ever assembled under one roof and is the culmination of a 12 month project to uncover, salvage and lovingly restore these pieces that have shaped the capital we live in.

20 artworks by renowned graffiti artist Banksy, including 7 of his most important street pieces, will appear in the exhibition headlined by arguably his most famous piece, ‘No Ball Games’. Just months after Banksy’s now-infamous ‘Slave Labour’ creation was recovered by The Sincura Group and returned to the UK, ‘No Ball Games’ was salvaged less than a mile away.

No Ball Games by Banksy.

The restoration of this stunning piece, which depicts two children playing catch with a vandalised no ball games sign, is the most expensive Banksy restoration to date and took 9 months of painstaking work to complete. Now estimated at over £1 million, the work will be unveiled to the world for the first time at the STEALING BANKSY? exhibition with all profits from its sale being donated to local charities.

Having been carefully sourced from around the world, over £5 million of the most controversial artwork will be on display at the STEALING BANKSY? exhibition to be auctioned on the 27th April. The show will be the first and only time these pieces will ever be seen in their fully restored state.

Pieces include:

Old School by Banksy.

Old Skool: Old Skool had become something of a landmark since it appeared on an east London garage wall in 2006. Featuring four pensioners dressed in hoodies and baseball caps it disappeared in 2008 and was replaced by a black dotted line marking where its edges had been and the word "collected" painted inside.

Liverpool Rat by Banksy.

Liverpool Rat: Britain’s biggest Banksy creation adorned The White House pub in Liverpool, on the edge of the city’s China Town. Banksy daubed the huge rat wielding a machine gun on the Georgian building as part of the city's Biennial art programme in 2004.

Sperm Alarm by Banksy.

Sperm Alarm: Contrary to the other pieces on show, Sperm Alarm, which shows 15 sperm swarming round a red sprinkler alarm and was painted on the wall of four-star Hesperia Hotel in Victoria in 2011 was stolen.

SIlent Majority by Banksy.

Silent Majority: One of his earliest pieces, Silent Majority was painted onto the outside of an 'Overlander' semi-trailer. Created at Glastonbury festival in 1998 in exchange for a pair of festival tickets, this work took three days to complete and measures 2.4 metres by 9.95 metres.

Balloon Girl by Banksy.

Girl With Balloon: As the rat is his signature stencil, the girl with the red balloon is Banksy's most popular art piece. Due to the erection of wooden billboards the Hackney piece has been covered from view for the last decade until being removed at the turn of year and restored to once again be revealed to the world.

2 Rats, Berlin, by Banksy.

2 Rats: Banksy’s ‘2 Rats’ was created in Berlin on the corner of Kopernicker and Adalbert Strabe when Banksy participated in a local art festival in 2003.

ME London.

STEALING BANKSY? will take place at the ME London Hotel on The Strand. Designed by the world famous architects Foster + Partners and located in the artistic and cultural heart of London, this stunning hotel has a strong affiliation with the art world its contemporary and cutting edge style is a perfect backdrop for this world-first event.

Public Tickets are available for the following dates:

  • Thursday April 24th - SOLD OUT
  • Friday April 25th - SOLD OUT
  • Saturday April 26th - limited availability from 10am to 9pm
  • Sunday April 27th - limited availability from 10am to 5pm

Tickets can be purchased through the website Stealingbanksy.com priced at £17.50 each. A charitable donation will be made for each ticket bought, and guests will be given a copy of the specially commissioned 'Banksy Bugle' newspaper upon arrival at the show – again a first and never to be repeated publication.

Enter 'BANKSYLDN1' in the field 'Sponsors discount code' when buying tickets and you will receive a 15% discount on your first ticket!

For more information, private, corporate and press viewings please contact The Sincura Arts Club at arts@thesincuragroup.com. Members of The Sincura Group concierge will be sent their complimentary invitations to the VIP launch party.

ME Map.

*Enter 'BANKSYLDN1' in the field 'Sponsors discount code' when buying tickets and you will receive a 15% discount on your first ticket!


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Enter 'BANKSYLDN1' in the field 'Sponsors discount code' when buying tickets and you will receive a 15% discount on your first ticket!